Leonard Cohen in Concert 2008-13

The Photographer

Michael Bromfield

All the images in this Catalogue have been taken by Michael Bromfield who is a native of Wessex having been born and brought up in Bournemouth. After obtaining degrees in Geography and Soviet Foreign Policy from University College London and SSEES at the University of London Michael spent six years travelling in Asia and the Pacific and teaching in Australia.

After returning to England in 1979 Michael and his wife Sharron turned their enthusiasm and love of travel into a business and founded Casterbridge Tours, a Special Interest and Educational Tour Operator, which became one of the world’s leading Student Tour Operators with offices in the UK, USA and Canada. Michael sold the company in 2011 so he could concentrate on his writing and photography.

He has been a keen photographer all his life and has an abiding love for the High Mountains. Michael has made 13 visits to the Himalaya including five treks to the three sides of Everest.

Leonard Cohen has been Michael’s idol and icon since he first started listening to ‘The Songs of Leonard Cohen’ as a student in 1967. Michael was at both the Isle of Wight Festival in 1970 and the Glastonbury Festival in 2008 where Leonard Cohen played to great acclaim almost 40 years apart. In recent years Michael has attended over 30 Leonard Cohen concerts around the world which were the source of the images in this exhibition.

Leonard Cohen  and Michael Bromfield

Leonard Cohen and Michael Bromfield

Michael has maintained an abiding love of travel throughout his life and has homes in Switzerland, Canada and Thailand. His business card states:

‘I would like to stay in one place for a while. The problem is there always seems to be good reasons to move’ (Leonard Cohen)

Like his icon Michael is a wandering spirit but can always be contacted at


Appropriately, his website where many of his articles are found, is entitled




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